White Screwless Multimedia Cat6 HDMI AV Wall Plate 813432 NX-WPSL-510QT

Nexxia BrandWhite Screwless Multimedia Cat6 HDMI AV Wall Plate. These Screwless wall plates supplied by Nexxia featuring, Quick Connect Cat6A, Quick Connect Digital Audio optical, three Quick connect HDMI 4k V2.0 with Tails, component Phono Audio Video with screw connections and one TV Coax. We recommend using the top quality HDMI 4k Cables such as NX-HDMI-701K to 720K, see 4K HDMI Cables.  See all our 4K HDMI Media wall plates.

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Part Code NX-WPSL-510QT

Quick Connect


HDMI, Optical, Red White Yellow Phono, RJ45 Cat6, TV coax


White Plastic


Double Gang


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