Universal Floor Box plate Euro Module XLR 811626 NX-FBWP-131

Univesal Floor box wall plate with 50mm by 50mm Euromodular grid to install chosen inserts and two XLR Cutouts, finished in Brushed Stainless. Plate size is 170mm by 72mm with variable hole centre, with fold recess in the middle. Can be used with a number of different Adaptor plateS to install into two compartment boxes where the main plates are different sizes to this plate.



Additional information

Part Code NX-FBWP-131



170 x 100mm, 170 x 76mm, 170 x 97mm, 172 x 100mm, 172 x 89mm, 175 x 75mm, 176 x 76mm, 180 x 85mm, 185 x 76mm, 185 x 78mm, 185 x 90mm, 195 x 90mm, 210 x 85mm


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