NX-WP-082X Projector Wall Plate Kit 5m NX-082X-5

NX-WP-082X Projector Wall Plate Kit 5m. Complete Wall Plate Cable package with 5m cables, all quick connect on wall plate. This Package Deal includes one of our Quick Connect Projector wall plates along with all the cables you need to install the wall plate. These new white plastic plates designed by Nexxia feature Quick Connect VGA, Quick Connect Audio Jack, HDMI Quick connect with a tail, and quick connect component Phono Audio Video connections. HDMI Version 2 Compatible.Package includes:-

NX-WP-082X x 1, NX-AV-605 X 1, NX-SVGA-J105 X 1, NX-HDMI-145 X 1, NX-USB-105 X 1

Comtec code: 812690

Additional information

Part Code NX-082X-5

3.5mm Jack, HDMI, Red White Yellow Phono, USB, VGA


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