Nexxia Hotel Media Hub Bluetooth Black Finish NX-HWP-403

Nexxia Hotel Media Hub Bluetooth Black Finish. This High Quality Modular Media Hub wall plate uses our high spec chassis allowing use of 50 x 50 Euro Modules or our Bluetooth Media Hub. This wall plate assembly come pre-configured with 3 Pin UK Power Socket, Twin USB Charging point 2.1 Amp 5V, TV Coax, HDMI and Cat6 points all quick connect, and Bluetooth Audio Receiver with amplifier.  Consists of a back plate that fixes onto the back boxes and a front Aluminum cover which attaches via small grub screws on each end.  The Bluetooth receiver and USB can be powered directly from 240v, and the receiver also includes built in amplifier that will drive 8 ohm or 16 ohm Speakers.

Additional information

Part Code NX-HWP-403



Bluetooth, HDMI, Power, RJ45 Cat6, TV coax, USB Charging

AC multivoltage main power supply to 115/230 V~ and 50/60 Hz.

Stereo bluetooth® 4 version receiver with A2DP-SINK profile and 8 storable links.

Front AUX audio input via 3.5mm stereo Jack input.

Rear audio input terminal strip for stereo TV.

Memory for 8 bluetooth® devices with active memory and erasing function to add new bluetooth® devices.

Bluetooth® access by just pressing a button, instead of introducing a PIN access code.

Power on or stand-by, by a short touch.

32-step up/down digital volume control by 2-dB jumps.

Direct stereo amplified output for speaker connection or stereo output to an audio stage that amplifies the signal, either individually or simultaneously.

PIN input for signals with priority calls over all audio sources.

Multicolor led status indicator (Blue for bluetooth®.Green for TV. Yellow for AUX and Red for priority calls).

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