HD Projector Wall Plate USB white Double Gang 811624 NX-WP-071USBX

HD Projector Wall Plate USB white Double Gang. HDMI, VGA, USB and Audio Wall Plate Projector white Quick Connect. HD Projector white plastic wall plate features a single VGA connector for video connections, USB Type A Connection a 3.5mm Stereo jack socket for Audio and HDMI connector for HDMI 2.0 4K. Wall plate has a spare Keystone slot which can be used for an additional connection such as an extra HDMI or a Cat5e / Cat6 connection. Also available with USB B as NX-WP-071USBXB

Additional information

Part Code NX-WP-071USBX

Quick Connect Tail


3.5mm Jack, HDMI, USB, VGA


White Plastic


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