Active Optical HDMI Cable V2.0 DCI 4K 18Gbps 60Hz 10m NX-HDMI18G-110

The optical Hybrid HDMI™ cable (fiber optic + copper) connects devices across long distances of up to 100 m without data loss – even in areas with high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Its particularly thin and light construction makes it perfectly suitable for all kinds of installations.

  • maximum resolution of [email protected], YUV 4:4:4
  • HDCP 1.4/2.2 compatible
  • supports HDR, ARC, HEC, EDID
  • huge cable length without gain or signal conditioning
  • flexible glass fibre for small bending radi (20 mm)
  • Plug and play: no external power supply required

Additional information

Part Code NX-HDMI18G



10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 70m