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USB Data Wall Plates

USB Data Wall plates for use with USB connections for Data such as PC’s or Laptops. These USB Wall plates are available with either USB A or USB B connections, (A as per PC or Laptop, B as per Printer or projector connections). Most are USB 2.0 standard and feature either a straight USB connections on the back, or a USB Tail, both types are female and require standard USB Male to Male Cables. We also offer USB 3.0 Data wall plates in our Euro Module USB Wall plate category.

For USB Charging Wall plates, please see our USB Charging Wall Plates page.  If you require USB Cables to use with these wall plates, please see our USB Cables page, please note that USB Data signals cannot travel more than 5m, so if you cable run is more than this, you will need to use our Active USB cables.

We also offer a range of Hotel and Media wall plates which feature USB connections.