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TV & Satellite Wall Plates

A range of Coax RF TV Satellite wall plates with Aerial Socket and Satellite connection F-Type wall plates in white plastic. All our Coax RF and Satellite wall plates are quick connect on the back all using the standard Cable TV Satellite threaded connections known as F-Type. You can use F-Type connections NX-FT-006 or NX-FT-006Q with all these wall plates. We also offer dedicated Sky box connection wall plates with TV, RF, Coax Return and Telephone connections. Plates available in a range of finishes including White plastic, Polished chrome, Brushed Chrome and Black Nickel.

For Coax TV cable or Satellite Cable to use with these wall plates, see either NCA180, NCA185 or Twin Satellite Cable NCA186. All these are available on our Cut Audio Cables page and can be terminated with NX-FT-006 for easy connection to the back of the wall plates.