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Phono Audio Wall Plates

Phono Audio Wall plates. A range of high quality audio wall plates with phono connections on. These Single Gang size wall plates with either one pair or two pairs of RCA Phono Audio connections are available in a range of finishes including White plastic, Black Plastic, Polished Chrome, Antique Bronze, Polished Brass or Black Nickel. We offer them either solder connections on the back or with straight Quick connect sockets on the reverse, use with NX-PP-006 or NX-PP-016 for right angled connections.

We also offer a range of Cut Audio Cable for use with Solder Type terminations, or Phono audio Cables which can be quick connect with right angled convertors available. Other Multimedia wall plates are also available with Phono audio connections. All these wall plates are suitable for Single Gang Back boxes. These wall plates are not suitable for Speaker connections, only for line level audio connections to an amplifier input.