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Architrave Wall Plates

A range of Miniture Architrave Wall Plates for Audio Connections which are easier to conceal and ideal for discreet audio installations. Architrave wall plates are smaller wall plates and measure 85mm x 35mm. This new range of Architrave Audio Wall Plates includes Speaker Binding posts, Speaker Connections for Banana Plugs, Subwoofer connections, Sky twin F-Type, single TV Coax point and 3.5mm Audio Jack connections.

Quality Miniture Speaker Wall Plate Architrave size with New Nexxia Radius Banana Sockets.  These Quality Architrave wall plates feature Two 4mm Banana sockets with Screw terminals on the back. The Connectors are all metal which is then polished and 24k Gold plated for performance connections of up to 4.0mm speaker cable.
NEW to Nexxia – Architrave Audio Video Wall Plates in Brushed Chrome, Polished chrome and Brass