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Audio Wall Plates

The UK’s leading Audio Wall Plates supplier, designed and manufactured by Nexxia.

Audio Wall Plates
Our Audio wall plates include phono wall plates for audio line level connections and 3.5mm Jack Wall Plates. These are also available in Brushed Chrome Phono wall plates, or Polished Chrome finish.
HDMI Wall Plates
All our UK HDMI Wall Plates feature quick connect Version 2.0 HDMI 4K connection and support the latest standards in HDMI technology. These are available with Straight HDMI connection or angled.
Speaker Wall Plates
Speaker wall plates come in two types, those that accept 4mm Banana plugs and Binding post speaker Dolby 5.1 and Surround Sound 7.1 wall plates can also be used for complete surround sound systems
Coaxial Satellite wall plates
For feed of Satellite signals or Coaxial cables to TV, we also offer special Sky Satellite wall plates for connections to the sky box. Other Coax Wall plates are ideal for TV aerial wall plates.
Projector Wall Plates
Ideal for Projector and school installations, these wall plates typically feature VGA, HDMI and Audio Video connections. Again with quick connect for HDMI and VGA connections available in white or brushed chrome.
VGA Wall Plates
Featuring standard 15 pin connection for VGA and SVGA connections, our wall plates also have quick connect on the reverse for easy installation. These also have 3.5mm Jack for PC Audio as well.
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