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VGA cable

VGA Cable and VGA Cables

VGA Cables, SVGA Cables

A range of VGA cable for connecting digital VGA & SVGA Video links on PC’s laptops, plasma screens and other VGA or SVGA enabled devices. This range of VGA cables include basic to high quality with gold plated contacts. The range also includes lengths from 1m to 30m in quality range. We also provide High Quality VGA wall plates covering many different connections, AV VGA Switch boxes and Active VGA AV extenders for VGA signals over longer lengths. Right angled and low profile VGA Cable ends are also available on our range of cables.

We also supply VGA Cable AV Extenders allowing you to pass a VGA or SVGA signal over longer distances using Cat5e or Cat6 Data cable as the main link, see our range of AV Extenders. Nexxia are known for quality Wall plates and we also offer a range of VGA Wall plates for tidy termination of cable on projector installations.