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USB-C Media Cables and Adapters

A range of USB-C to HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, RJ45, PS232 and other media connections. If you have several mobile devices, you also need a multitude of different plugs, cables and adapters. The new USB Type C solves this problem because the basic idea behind the new USB standard is one cable for everything. The small, twist-proof connection takes up little space and therefore also fits into super-slim notebooks and thin smartphones of the latest generation. USB-C not only transfers data, but also provides video and audio signals and even charging current for smartphones, tablets or notebooks. USB-C is not only a classic USB port for connecting the keyboard and mouse, but also a display port for external monitors, HDMI for TVs, replacement for the headphone jack and a charging connector for mobile devices. USB-C is supported by various operating systems such as macOS, Android, Windows, Google and others.