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4K HDMI Cables High Speed

A huge range of 4K HDMI Cables High speed covering lengths up to 20m which include Redmere Chipset, Cat6 Extenders for longer lengths and 4K Repeaters, to connect Flat screen TV’s and other HDMI enabled or 4k HD ready devices. This range of 4k High speed HDMI 2.0 cables are all high quality with gold plated contacts supporting Deep Colour with Ethernet and Audio Return. The range also includes Short lengths from 0.5m to Long HDMI Cables 20m in high quality range. Our range also includes latest High Speed HDMI Cables up to 10.2Gbps and 340 MHz, Ethernet HDMI Cables, 4k HDMI Cables with Audio Return, 3D HDMI Cables, and Deep Colour HDMI Cables.

Also see our range of Basic HDMI Cables with lengths up to 40m, and our 3D HDMI Cables offering good Quality cables at excellent prices.