Quality Audio Video Cables and Audio Leads from Audio specailists Nexxia

Audio Video Cables

Phono Audio Cables
Quality audio phono cables really do make a difference to sound performance. Our Audio phono cables offer excellent for serious audio listeners.
4K HDMI Cables
Yes higher quality 4K HDMI cables do make a difference. Its about picture speed and sharpness. See Our Quality 3D 4K HDMI 2.0 high speed cables.
Audio Video Cables
Also known as composite video and audio cables, audio video cables are ideal for devices such as Nintendo Wii to Tv connections and can be used for all Scart devices is adapted to Audio Video connections.
 Speaker Cables
High quality speaker cables rdo make a difference to the sound quality of your system. Change this single component in your system to some 2.5mm OFC Copper cable to free your speakers.
3.5mm Jack Cables
Connect a PC Audio to Hi-Fi. Use 3.5mm Jack to Stereo Phono cable to cater for connecting PC’s to Hi-fi.
Digital Optical Cables
Sound gone digital, where TV’s have optical and you use a Surround sound amplifier, you will need a Digital optical cable.
Subwoofer Cables
Completing the setup in a surround sound system will mean connecting your subwoofer. These are a single channel audio cable , Quality cable will improve sound.
VGA Cables
Projectors and PC’s all commonly use VGA cables or SVGA for higher resolution, they all feature 3 rows of 5 pins making a 15 pin D type connection.
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