Hiding cables in the wall for a TV installation

This page shows an example of hiding the cables in the wall for a TV installation. The TV is a 50” LG Smart TV, hanging on an Omnimount Play 40 Black TV Bracket from the USA. The bracket which features a gas strut, allows easy movement of the TV in any direction. The wall plate used in this example is a Nexxia NX-WP-157, unique in that it includes power and HDMI within the same wall plate.  HDMI Cables used are the Konig NX-HDMI-742K cables.

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New Black Nickel Hotel Media Wall plates

As an expansion to our range, we have now introduced a Black Nickel version of the NX-HWP-139FL flush finish media wall plate. Previously available as polished chrome, Brushed Chrome and Satin Black, we have now completed the range of finishes with this Black Nickel version. The wall plate features Double Gang power sockets, Quick connect VGA, Quick connect HDMI, 3.5mm Audio, and USB data point. Now in stock.

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How Do I install Scart wall plates screw terminal


Scart Connector Pin out
This page provide information for wiring Scart cable to connector NX-WP-020.Please note that the cables do no run from pin to pin, but some switch over from one end to the other.

Treat the Screen End column as the wall plate to be mounted adjacent to the TV or Screen which will be connected.

Treat the Source Equipment end as the wall plate to be mounted adjacent to the equipment you are using to feed the screen.

Each line represent a single cable, so pin 1 Audio right in should be connected to pin 2 Audio right out at the other end.



Scart Cable between Source Equipment and Screen
Screen End Source Equipment
Audio Right Out 1 2 Audio Right In
Audio Right In 2 1 Audio Right Out
Audio Left Out 3 6 Audio Left In
Audio Left In 6 3 Audio Left Out
Audio Ground 4 4 Audio Ground
Red 15 15 Red
Red Ground 13 13 Red Ground
Green 11 11 Green
Green Ground 9 9 Green Ground
Blue 7 7 Blue
Blue Ground 5 5 Blue Ground
Status / 16:9 8 8 Status / 16:9
Reserved 10 10 Reserved
Reserved 12 12 Reserved
Fast Blanking Ground 14 14 Fast Blanking Ground
Fast Blanking 16 16 Fast Blanking
Video Out Ground 17 18 Video In Ground
Video In Ground 18 17 Video Out Ground
Video Out 19 20 Video In
Video In 20 19 Video Out
Ground 21 21 Ground


Hotel Media Wall plate now online

Get everything you need on one plate with these Hotel Media plates.

A new range of Hotel Media Wall plates developed exclusively for high end 5 Star luxury Hotel suites. These Hotel Media wall plates include a range of wall plates that will connect direct to the in room TV and provide the client with all the connections they require. Wall plates include connections such as UK and Euro power sockets, USB Charging points, HDMI, VGA, Audio Video phono connections suitable for running iPhone video, and USB feed to TV. USB charging points are all BS approved and suitable for charging most mobile devices.