How Do I Solder speaker cable to wall plates

Most of our speaker wall plates are now screw terminal and these connections is covered under a different page. Some installer still prefer to install Solder Type Speaker wall plates which are generally those parts we sell without “STR” or “BSTR” on the end of the part code.

There is no doubt that soldering cables onto the back of the wall plates does provide a permanent connection that will not breakdown over time, the soldering action seals the cable for life. Soldering the cables can only be done using a good quality high powered soldering iron, the one used here is  Weller 450w Soldering station but a minimum of 350w is recommended.

The following guide shows step by step guide to soldering speaker cables onto the back of the wall plates using standard Electrical lead free solder self fluxing. Remember to ensure good ventilation at all times.

Strip cables by about 1cm Tin cable by heating until solder melts into the cable and covers all the copper.
Tin tabs on the back of the wall plate. Place the cable onto the tab, apply heat from soldering iron and feed in some solder.
Complete the other cable in the same way The finished result should look like this.