How Do I install VGA Wall Plate none Quick connect

The majority of our wall plates with VGA connections are Quick connect.

The following guide shows the wiring Diagram used for VGA Wall Plates that Require Screw terminal connections in the event that you have to feed cables through a conduit in order to complete installation and terminate into a Screw Terminal wall plate. No VGA cables have a standard colour scheme but if you order VGA cables from Nexxia and request one end to be stripped (order using code VGA-PREP), will always supply you with a pin out diagram so you know which wire goes where.

VGA Connector Pin out
1 Red Video (75ohm 0.7v)
2 Green Video (75ohm 0.7v)
3 Blue Video (75ohm 0.7v)
4 Monitor ID Bit 2
5 Ground
6 Red Ground
7 Green Ground
8 Blue Ground
10 Sync Ground
11 Monitor TD Bit 0
12 Monitor TD Bit 1
13 Horizontal (or comp) Sync
14 Vertical Sync
15 Monitor ID Bit 3


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