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Smart ISO Radio Harness Adaptors

Car Stereo Fitting Kits

Smart Car Stereo ISO Wiring Harness Adaptors to install a new car radio with ISO connections. These Car Wiring ISO Harness adaptors convert your existing Car stereo radio connector into an ISO radio adapter, which is a standard connection provided by all UK aftermarket head units. ISO Car Stereo Wiring Adaptors consists of two 8 pin connectors which can be one block with two halves, or two connectors. These Autoleads PC2 Harness adaptors only connect power and speakers, for steering controls see Steering Control Interfaces.


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NX-WPM-041 x 1
NX-WPM-039 x 1
NX-WPM-066Q x 1
NX-WPM-025 x 1
NX-WPM-099C x 1
Total: £31.11

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