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Range Rover P38 Radio Harmon Kardon


With all these radio's, you will need Fascia Adaptor FP-21-00, and usually antenna adapotor PC5-27.

1) Fitted With Alpine Head Unit

For Range Rovers fitted with the Alpine Head unit as shown in pictures below, a replacement head unit can be fitted directly with no adaptors being required. The pin outs on this model do not require moving to power the amplifier system up. With this system you should be able to insall a replacement head unit without any adaptors.Vehicles built between Oct 97 and Feb 2000 can use PC99-X30 to connect steering controls. Vehicles outside these dates, WILL NOT WORK with steering controls, we do not offer interfaces to steering controls for any other versions of the P38 system.






2) Fitted With Alpine Head Unit - Rear single HK Amp - Vogue Models -Set Volume to MAX before removing old head unit and Use PC2-36-AMP2 

For Range Rovers fitted with the Alpine Head unit as shown in pictures below, these are very Different from the Standard Alpine units or Clarion units. These have a central Amplifier in the boot, which is fed by a Single Stereo Audio channel, connected via the Brown ISo connector, note the Two Pairs of Wires into th Brown ISO Block.








3) Fitted with Clarion Head unit (Pink Connector) - Use new Interface H2L-RR



For Range Rovers fitted with the Clarion Head unit as shown in pictures below, a replacement head unit will require the PC3-09 adaptor to be installed. Use this adaptor and see the Install Tip on the main Range Rover page.



NEW - H2L-RR Interface now available, plug and play with No Interference or buzzing noises - Order Here.


Complete fitting kit PC3-09-KIT now available, also include Power Adaptor

When you have established that PC3-09 is required, follow this page to assemble the PC3-09 and install it with the new head unit.


When you receive the PC3-09, you need to clip the wires into the black 10 Way ISO connector provided. Looking at the front of the connector as shown in the picture below, the pins need to connect to the corresponding pins on the new head unit connector.


You can purchase NX-PC3-09S Which is ready assembled and also connects Subwoofer.


The wires supplied by the PC3-09 are both marked Front, but use one set for the rear connections as if marked Rear.

Wires for the Sub woofer are currently not supplied with the PC3-09 (in this case purchase NX-PC3-09S), and a high powered head unit would be required to run the subwoofer, we don't recommend this is connected without a properly adapted part.

The Black wires supplied with PC3-09 are not connected to the 10 Way ISO block, but would be connected to the Head unit earth connection if there is interference ground looping when testing the system.


If you new head unit only has Two RCA connections, then use adaptor PC1-1M or PC1-2M from this page below.

http://www.nexxia.co.uk/products.asp?category=Phono Leads§ion=Car Audio

You will also need to power the original amplifier when the new radio is turned on. To do this you can either move one of the pins on the original connector, or add a connector to the new head unit.


To change the original car connector, you need to move the Grey and Black wire from its current to position to a vacant position connecting with the blue wire on the new radio, see picture below. This will signal the amplifier to power on when the radio is turned on.


NEW Fitting kit PC3-09-KIT now includes adaptor to convert Grey ISO connector to match the new radio, buy the kit to avoid this step - Click here for details.


Alternatively if you do not want to move the original wires, you can use the Red Wire supplied with the PC3-09 and clip this into the correct position on the new Radio ISO block, such that is connects to the Grey and Black wire. Connect the other end of the Red Wire with the blue, or blue and white wire which gives +12V when turned on, sometimes marked Antenna +12v or Amp Remote.


Test the system before fully installing the head unit.


Trouble shooting.


A number of customers have experience a few problems when installing the PC3-09, please see below.


1) Feedback through the speakers some time known as ground looping
    Explanation - it can be caused by bad earth on the existing amplifiers.

    Solution - Try improving the earth on the existing amps, add extra earth straps from the case to chassis if neccassary. 

Also try connecting black wires supplied with PC3-09 to head unit ground either on the iso block or casing. If this fails see Step 3.

Note:- if amplifiers fitted are Nokia then it might not be resolved or a possible to resolve.


2) Very quiet even on high volume.

    Explanation - existing ISO block connection may have speaker connections pin populated and therefore does not require the PC3-09.

    Solution - Reset head unit to low volume and try direct connection of the vehicle to the new head unit.


3) If with the earth straps connected and the black wires on the PC3-09 connected, there is still humming or buzzing then this maybe ground loop from the head unit. In this case our part PC8-101 will cure this problem, you will need two of these. They include an audio transfomer and also increase the gain of the signal. See car Audio > Install accessories > Noise Supression or Click here.




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