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MP3 Adaptors PC7


Head unit adaptor leads include the following:- 


Sony                 -     PC7-100

Pioneer             -     PC7-101

JVC                   -    PC7-102

Alpine Ai Net     -    PC7-105

Alpine M Bus      -    PC7-103

Kenwood            -    PC7-104

Blaupunkt          -    PC7-108

Universal*           -    PC7-200

*Suitable for any head unit which has an RCA Audio Auxillary input. 


Installation Guide

1) Remove the aftermarket head unit.

2) Install the head unit adaptor lead ISO connections onto the Head unit connections.

3) Install other leads supplied with head unit adaptor into head unit, such as CD Port and Phono RCA connections.

4) Connect the head unit adaptor lead to the Play Lead.

5) Connect the Play lead to the MP3 or audio source.

6) Carefully re-install the head unit back into the vehicle.

7) You should now be able to test the system, using selection on the head unit to pick up the audio input.


For Alpine Head units, activate aux input using this guide.

1. Turn ignition on

2. Switch stereo off

3. Press and hold 'function' button till a hidden menu comes up

4. Repeatedly press the button till you reach the 'Aux Off'


5. Use select/seek button to change to 'Aux On'.

For Pioneer Head units, activate aux input using this guide.

With ignition on but stereo off, press and hold the 'Function' button until menu comes up. Repeatedly press button to scroll to Aux off and use the select/seek buttons to change to Aux on.
When testing the system, switch the head unit on and verify that the CD2 source can be selected using the source key, and the auxiliary audio can be heard. Connect the ipod and check that it charges when head unit ignition is on. During normal use the volume is adjusted on the head unit.





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