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Ipod iconnect

These connects 2 ipod interface adaptors are compatible with all third generation ipods. Cradles are also available for the ipod, ipod Nano, and shortly the ipod video.

These interfaces allow the ipod to be connected to the head unit of your vehicle if the head unit already has an RCA Auxillary input. It will charge the ipod as well, and all units come with clear installation instructions which may differ from those generic instructions written below.

These interfaces are not compatible with PC7-POD-L or PC7-POD-20 cradles, please use the ipodcradle product and nanocradle products.


The kit should include:-


ipod connector lead

ipod module

Head unit Phono connector to module lead.

Installation Guide

1) Remove the head unit.

2) Connect the Yellow, Red and Black wires as shown in this diagram below.

3) Connect the Phono connections to the Auxillary input of the head unit.

4) Connect the head unit adaptor lead to the ipod interface module.

4) Connect the ipod lead to the ipod interface module.

5) Decide where you want to route the ipod lead such that ipod can be connected in the car.

6) Carefully re-install the head unit back into the vehicle.

7) You should now be able to test the system, using selection on the head unit to pick up the audio input.

 Connect the ipod and check that it charges when head unit ignition is on. During normal use the volume is adjusted on the head unit.

If fitting Cradle

Follow steps 1 to 7, but at steps 4 and 5, you would connect the ipod cradle instead and route cable suitably to the mounting point of the ipod cradle. You may require a Smart clip or for this, or mounting extension plate.


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