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Ipod Adaptor PC7-POD

This lead is required when using either the PC7-POD-20 or PC7-POD-L ipod interface for aftermarket head units. 


Please note these interfaces are not suitable for later Ipods beyond 3rd generation, Nano, Touch or iphone's. For these devices use a simple Aux Adaptor only, or iO_Play.



Head unit adaptor leads include the following:-


Sony                 -     PC7-POD-100

Pioneer             -     PC7-POD-101

JVC                   -    PC7-POD-102

Alpine Ai Net     -    PC7-POD-105

Alpine M Bus      -    PC7-POD-103

Kenwood            -    PC7-POD-104

Blaupunkt          -    PC7-POD-108

Universal*           -    PC7-POD-200

*Suitable for any head unit which has an RCA Audio Auxillary input. 


The kit should include:-

Head unit interface

ipod interface module

For installation refer to installation Tip for ipod charge & play cradle PC7-POD-20 or ipod charge and play connector PC7-POD-L. Also see instructions below.

When testing the system, switch the head unit on and verify that the CD2 source can be selected using the source key, and the auxiliary audio can be heard. Connect the ipod and check that it charges when head unit ignition is on. During normal use the volume is adjusted on the head unit.


Trouble shooting.



On occasions with PC7-100 or PC7-POD-100 on Sony units, it can cause problems with the unit shutting down. This can be caused by a bad earth on the outer ring if the unilink connection. Try improving the grounding of this connection with an independent ground source.


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