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Ignition feed on ISO Harness Adaptors and SOT Leads


This page gives more information about the cables included on the PC2-85-4, PC2-86-4, (ISO Loom PC2-32-4) and CT20VX01.

Also required on Parrot SOT leads such as SOT-040, SOT-976 and SOT-122.


With vehicles that have the new Fakra or Quadlock connection that features a small lever to make the connection, there is no ignition switched 12v supply. This is usually required for aftermarket head units, and they won't power up with out this being connected. 

To resolve the issue, you will need to be technically competent to a small level. You will need to connect the red wire to an ignition switched 12v supply from the fuse box of the vehicle. One such supply would be that which feeds the cigar lighter for example. You may require an electrical test meter to determine the relevant contact.


Once the red wire has been connected securely and professionally to a +12v ignition switched supply, the rest of the installation is straight forward.


The orange wire also remote on these harness adaptors is only for illumination, and can be connected to a +12v supply on lighting circuit such that radio illumination works when vehicle lighting is switched on, or dims if radio is switched on.




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