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This page gives More Technical information about ISO wiring pin positions for Car Radio ISO Connectors. We also offer a large range of Car Radio Harness Adaptors to install new radio's and Parrot SOT Leads generally known as 'T' Harnesses used to install hands free kits.


Connections for Block A - Power

1) N/A 3) N/A 5) +12v output Blue 7) Battery + Red
2) N/A 4) Ignition +12v Yellow 6) Illumination Orange 8) Ground  Black


Connections for Block B - Speakers

1) Right Rear + Purple 3) Right Front + Grey 5) Left Front + White 7) Left Rear + Green
2) Right Rear - Purple/Blk 4) Right Front - Grey/Blk 6) Left Front - White/Blk 8) Left Rear - Grean / Black


Connections for Block C - Left hand side, uses Yellow plug

1) Line out Left Rear +

4) Line out Left Front

     3) Line Out Ground/Earth

    6) Switched Positive for Amplifier

2) Line out Right Rear +

5) Line out Right Front


Connections for Block C - Centre, uses Green plug

7) TEL +ve

10) ENA

     9) CAN Low

     12) TEL -ve

8) CAN High

11) REM

7 - Telephone Audio Input Signal - TEL +ve
8 - Second display, CLOCK (for radio sets with CAN databus communication CAN High)
9 - Second display, DATA (for radio sets with CAN databus communication CAN Low)
10 - Second display, ENA (not assigned for radio sets with CAN databus communication)
11 - Remote control, REM (not assigned for radio sets with CAN databus communication)
12 - Telephone Audio Input Signal - TEL -ve
Above based on VW Symphony 2, not applicable to all connections of this layout.


Connections for Block C - CD Changer Right hand side, uses Blue plug

13)  Data in

16) Voltage supply

19) Left Channel positive

       15)  Clock

       18) Left & Right Channel Earth


14) Data out

17) Control Signal

20) Right Channel positive




For more information, please e-mail Technical@nexxia.co.uk




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