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Installing SOT-1001, 1002 and 1002HB Amplified Parrot leads.

These SOT 1000 series leads are designed to install aftermarket hands free kits such as Parrot with ISO connections to vehicles that have amplified audio systems such as Audi, Saab, Land Rover, Range Rovers and Alfa. They are developed by Autoleads and provided with the AMI-030 box that can cope with dropping speaker level output of Hands Free kits into Line Level for amplified speakers on all four channels.

These cables can be used to install Parrot MKi series or Motorola TK30 kits into any vehicle with an amplified system, Specific cables are available for other makes.



Please read carefully the information below, in particular comments regarding connections of the SOT-1001 or SOT-1002 Audi style leads.




The Parrot hands free kits come with their own ISO harness (ISO = universal fitting connectors). If your vehicle is running an ISO connector, then the Parrot kit can be fitted directly to the vehicles stereo, however, if your vehicle is not fitted with ISO, then an adaptor will be required to create it. These adaptors are called SOT leads, the diagram below gives a rough representation of what it achieves.

Installing SOT-1001 Parrot Amplified Harness cable

Installation Procedure


1) Remove the Car Radio ensuring you have security codes required.

2) Install connectors 1A and 1B into the Car Radio*.

2) Install Connectors 2A and 2B onto the Vehicle loom which was plugged into the Car Radio

3) Install connectors 4, 5 and 6 into the AMI-030 box.

4) Plug the Hands Free Kit ISO cables onto the Connector 3.
 (This is the input into the AMI-030 box from the hands free kit. The box will then output to four channels via connectors 4 and 2)

4) Install the Hands Free kit between the two new leads as instructed by the manufacturer of the hands free kit.

5) DO NOT touch connectors 7, these are not required unless fitting an iO_Play hands free kit.



*Audi SOT-1002 and SOT-1002HB Leads, connector 1A and 2A is replaced by a Red Mini ISO connector block, but same principle applies.


On Quad lock leads such as SOT-1003 and SOT-1003HB, Connector 1A and 1B are just connector 1, and likewise Connector 2A and 2B are just connector 2.



Please note that some Vehicles do not have a Switched Ignition supply at the head unit, and therefore a switched supply needs to be fed from the Fuse Box to the orange wire on the Parrot Loom. 


To order a Parrot Car kit SOT Lead for your car, see our Car Kit Installation page.


In some cases mute wires require connection to the hands free kit, these instructions should be provided with the Telemute lead, or in case of difficulties on this issue contact Amour Automotive on their technical helpline 0900 1020 119 or by e-mail to technical@armourautomotive.uk.com


To order a Parrot Car kit SOT Lead for your car, see our Car Kit Installation page.


For more information, please e-mail Technical@nexxia.co.uk

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