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Alfa Bose Systems


This page details what harness adaptors to use on Vehicles with Bose system when you replace the existing Factory Head units.


Alfa 156 with Bose.

If Alfa 156 with Bose and fully populated Yellow Mini ISO connector, please use PC9-410, otherwise see page below. 


All other Alfa's with Bose.

To check if the car has the factory fitted Bose system if not obvious, use a meter to check the resistance across the speaker connections. If the resistance reading is not 4 ohms, then this will be an amplified system.


The vehicle should have two ISO connections and one Mini ISO connection as shown below.



In Simple Terms where Stalk Adaptors are not being used.

The brown socket of PC2-36-AMPR will connect with the black Speaker ISO plug in the picture on the left. The Red Socket on PC2-36-AMPR with then fit the Yellow, Green and Blue connections. The attached Red wire will then connect with Pin 6 of the Yellow mini iso. The other end of the Red lead should then be connected the fly wire on the new head unit marked Amp Remote which gives out a +12v supply triggering the amplifiers to turn on.


The Black and Red RCA plugs on the PC2-36-AMPR can then be connected to RCA Pre-outs on the new head unit. We recommend using a medium power head unit, (not high output such as 5.5v) with dedicated front and rear channel outputs.


The Black wires on the PC2-36-AMPR do not need to be connected for the device to work, but are there for additional grounding and can be connected to the black wire of the main head unit power connector.


Please note, the PC2-36-AMPR kit is now provided with the Red wire floating, and not installed into the Red M-46 block, this allows the option to install the red wire into a Stalk adaptor module, where stalk controls are still being used with the new head unit, please see instructions below.


Where Stalk control adaptor CTSAR001 OR CTSAR003 is not being used, install red wire into M-46 block, see below.


Red wire installed into this position Then push wire home until it clicks.

It should appear in this position from the front.


Where Stalk controls are being used specifically CTSAR001 or CTSAR003, connect as shown in these pictures below.


Stalk comes like this, no Remote amp pin. Install red wire into this position
Push home until it clicks. It should now look like this from Front.
The Stalk and PC2-36-AMPR kit..... ....then plug together like this.

Click on any of these pictures for an enlarged view.

This solution now makes the PC2-36-AMPR compatible with either Stalk adaptors from Connects2, CTSAR001 or CTSAR002. You will then also need patch lead such as CTBLAUPUNKTLEAD.



For more information, please e-mail Technical@nexxia.co.uk



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