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Car Audio system Active Crossover

Active crossovers are fitted with in line with the phono leads, i.e. they are fitted between the head unit and the amplifier. They require a 12v positive supply and negative earth. Active crossovers are used for any amplifier that does not have a built in crossover or frequency divider.

FMOD electronic low pass Active Crossover

FMOD electronic low pass Active Crossover

An FMOD is an active crossovers simulator, that looks like and RCA plug. It requires no power to operate, simply plug it in-line between the amplifier and the RCA lead. FMODS are packaged in pairs. They can be used with other crossovers. FMODS have a 12db per octave roll off and are available as a low pass filter with 100Hz as the cut off frequency. They cause no noise or distortion, are very reliable and do not cause turn on thumps.
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