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HDMI Scart Wall Plates

A range of HDMI and Scart Quick Connect wall plates, ideal for hiding essential Audio Video Signal cables in the wall. These plates feature QuickConnect Scart and HDMI, with the HDMI being at 110 Degrees. This will now allow for a thickness of plasterboard between the HDMI Cable and surface of the wall, making the plates easy to install. They can also be used with our Detachable head Scart Cables, or even Scart AV convertors using just AV cable for the Scart link. For wall plates with Straight HDMI Scart connections, see our Scart HDMI Wall Plates page.

Quick Connect Scart HDMI Wall Plate
Quick Connect Scart HDMI Wall Plate
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Quick Connect Scart HDMI Wall Plate

This fantastic Scart HDMI Wall plate is the ideal solution for quick easy installation of Scart and HDMI cables into Cavity Plasterboard walls. Using two of these plates and Quality Scart Cables such as NX-SCT-701 to NX-SCT-715 or  with any HDMI cables such as NX-HDMI-2615E to NX-HDMI-270E, you can hide the cable within the cavity wall, or in conduit which can be plastered over. This unique product has been designed by Nexxia and is exclusive to us. HDMI Version 1.4 Compatible. These will require Single Gang 47mm Deep Back Boxes such as NX-BB-006 or NX-BB-016.
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