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Product Code SOT-062 SOT-062 Toyota ISO Parrot Adaptor Cable
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Short Description SOT-062 Toyota ISO Parrot Adaptor Cable

AutoleadsSOT-062 Toyota ISO Parrot Adaptor Cable.

The SOT series leads are designed to install aftermarket hands free kits such as Parrot or iO_Play with ISO connections. They are provided in two parts, one converting Car Wiring loom to ISO the second lead is then ISO from the Car Kit and plugs back into the Car Radio. Other Devices with ISO connections can also be installed with these leads. Click "More Details" below to check Vehicle Compatibility.


Suitable for installing :-

Parrot CK3000
Parrot CK3100
Parrot MKi9000, 9100, 9200i
Motorola TK30
iO Play
Any Hands free Kit with ISO connections.

*Compatible with radio's  5380, 53901, 53904, 57807, 58801, 58806, 58810, 58812, 58814, 58824, 58826, 58827, 58830, 58831, 58832, B9000 Navigation, B9001 Navigation, B9002 Navigation, B9010 Navigation.


NOT Compatible with P3736, P3744, P3746, P3808 Pioneer sets, or active speakers.


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Compatible with: Diahatsu Applause Jan-90 - Dec-95 All Models
Diahatsu Charade Aug-83 - Aug-03 All Models
Diahatsu Cuore Jun-97 - Aug-03 All Models
Diahatsu Fourtrak Oct-85 - Aug-02 All Models
Diahatsu Grand Move Mar-97 - Aug-01 All Models
Diahatsu Independent Jul-93 - > All Models
Diahatsu Move Mar-97 - Aug-00 All Models
Diahatsu Sirion Jun-98 - Mar-05 All Models
Diahatsu Sportrak Aug-89 - Sep-98 All Models
Diahatsu Terios Aug-97 - Aug-05 All Models
Diahatsu YRV Jan-01 - Aug-04 All Models
Subaru Justy Mar-08 - > All Models
Subaru Justy Jan-05 - Sep-08 All Models
Toyota 4-Runner Mar-06 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota 4-Runner Oct-93 - Aug-96 Non-Amplified
Toyota Amazon Feb-97 - > Non-Amplified, Not Nav P3736
Toyota Auris Mar-07 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Avensis c) Jun-04 - Dec-08 Non-Amplified
Toyota Avensis b) Mar-01 - Jun-04 Non-Amplified
Toyota Avensis a) Jan-98 - Feb-01 Non-Amplified
Toyota Avensis Verso Sep-02 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Aygo Sep-05 - > All Models
Toyota Camry Jan-03 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Camry Jan-87 - Jan-03 All Models
Toyota Carina May-92 - Dec-97 Non-Amplified
Toyota Carina Mar-88 - May-92 Non-Amplified
Toyota Celica Aug-02 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Celica Aug-99 - Jul-02 Non-Amplified
Toyota Celica Mar-94 - Aug-99 Non-Amplified
Toyota Celica Feb-90 - Mar-94 Non-Amplified
Toyota Colorado Aug-96 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Corolla Aug-09 - >
Toyota Corolla Aug-03 - Aug-09 Non-Amplified
Toyota Corolla Aug-92 - Aug-00 Non-Amplified
Toyota Corolla Verso Aug-02 - Jan-07 Amplified
Toyota Hi-Lux Jan-07 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Hi-lux Vigo Aug-05 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota iQ Mar-09 - >
Toyota Landcruiser d) Mar-05 - Aug-08 B9### Nav
Toyota Landcruiser b) Aug-96 - Jun-04 Non-Amplified
Toyota Landcruiser a) Mar-88 - Aug-96 Non-Amplified
Toyota MR2 Apr-00 - > Without active speakers
Toyota MR2 Apr-90 - Jan-94 Without active speakers
Toyota MR2 Mar-85 - Apr-90 Non-Amplified
Toyota MR2 Roadster Jun-04 - Mar-06 Amplified
Toyota MR2 Roadster Dec-02 - Jun-04 Non-Amplified
Toyota Paseo Mar-96 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Picnic Jan-97 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Previa Jun-01 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Previa Sep-90 - Jun-01 Non-Amplified
Toyota Prius Mar-05 - Aug-08 Non-Amplified
Toyota Rav4 Mar-06 - > Non-Amplified
Toyota Rav4 Aug-00 - Mar-06 Non-Amplified
Toyota Rav4 Jun-94 - Aug-00 Non-Amplified
Toyota Urban Cruiser Mar-09 - >
Toyota Space Cruiser Mar-83 - Aug-90 Non-Amplified
Toyota Starlet Aug-85 - Jul-99 Non-Amplified
Toyota Supra Aug-86 - Aug-93 Non-Amplified
Toyota Tercel Oct-82 - Aug-88 All Models
Toyota Verso Mar-09 - >
Toyota Yaris Mar-07 - Mar-11 Non-Amplified
Toyota Yaris Sep-03 - Mar-06 Non-Amplified
Toyota Yaris Apr-99 - Sep-03 Non-Amplified
Toyota Yaris Verso Jan-99 - > All Models
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