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White Gloss NX-WP-820 with 3 HDMI Connections
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White Gloss NX-WP-820 with 3 HDMI Connections
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Short Description White Gloss NX-WP-820 with 3 HDMI Connections

A Customer Designed double Gang Sized Brushed Chrome wall plate with all connections to support a Cable TV, or Sky plus installation. The plate includes twin F-Type connections for Satellite feed, Telephone connection, TV Coax Connections, FM Radio connections and Return to feed aerial connection to other points. 

It also includes 3 HDMI Connections as this is a custom design wall plate. These will be fitted with NX-HDMI-036 facing downwards. Delivery is around 4 weeks, not stocked.

The F-Type connections are socket on both sides, and can be used with NX-FT-006 Right Angled F-Type Plugs. The Coax connections require soldering and can be used with cable NCA180. The Telephone point has punch down IDC connections. Each terminal is numbered 1 to 6, the guide below is the standard guide for wiring.

  • 1 > Green with White Stripe
  • 2 > Blue with white stripe
  • 3 > Orange with white stripe
  • 4 > White with Orange stripe
  • 5 > White with Blue Stripe
  • 6 > White with Green Stripe
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