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MTOR2 Mutant Origin 2 Amplifier
Product Code MTOR2 MTOR2 Mutant Origin 2 Amplifier
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MTOR2 Mutant Origin 2 Amplifier
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Short Description MTOR2 Mutant Origin 2 Amplifier

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  • Low Impedance Stable:
    All Mutant Origin amplifiers are fine running at impedances as low as 2 ohm.

30CM X 27CM X 5CM
  • Specification
2 Channel
2 x 60w RMS @ 4 ohm
2 x 100w RMS @ 2 ohm
Frequency 20Hz to 20,000Hz
High & Low Pass Filter
RCA Phono Input and Output
  • MOSFET Power Supply:
    This allows the amplifier to work with a higher efficiency getting the greatest power with the lowest current draw.
  • Tri-Mode Capability:
    The Amplifier can operate simultaneously in stereo and mono mode (with the use of external passive crossovers).
  • Easy access Controls:
    Includes adjustable High and Low Pass filters along with Gain controls, these are all mounted on top to allow easy access when the amplifier is fitted.
  • 3-Way Amplifier Self Protection Circuitry:
    Built in protection circuitry to protect the amplifier from overheating, short circuit and reverse polarity.
  • Custom-Tooled Heat Sink & Rose Gold Detailing:
    Custom tooling and Rose Gold details integrate perfectly with the rest of the current Mutant range.
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