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Autoleads 06-050B ISO Telemute Leads
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Autoleads 06-050B ISO Telemute Leads
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Short Description Autoleads 06-050B ISO Telemute Leads - DISCONTINUED
Description Car kit installation interfaces for your car phone kit or bluetooth car kit without damaging wiring, connected to your car stereo. These Telemute leads will mute sound from the car radio and divert calls from the car phone kit through the car audio system front speakers. Power is also supplied to the hands free phone kit. If you are NOT installing a Nokia CK7W Car kit, you WILL need an aditional adaptor, see page CAR KIT ADAPTORS. Click Part Code below for vehicle applications and MORE INFO button for installation guide. Click "More Details"  to see Vehicle applications.

Suitable for installing Nokia CK7W Car Kit. 

Use adaptors to install THB Bury Kits without ISO connections, Motorola without ISO, Sony Erricsson without ISO connections, see   CAR KIT ADAPTORS

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Compatible with: Alfa 33 Jun-83 - Jun-90 All Models
Alfa 147 i) Mar-00 - Mar-03 Non Bose
Alfa 155 May-93 - Mar-98 All Models
Alfa 156 iii) Sep-03 - > Non Bose
Alfa 156 ii) Jan-02 - Sep-03 All Models
Alfa 156 i) Feb-98 - Dec-01 All Models
Alfa 159 Mar-06 - > Non Bose
Alfa 164 May-93 - Mar-98 All Models
Alfa GT Mar-05 - > Non Bose
Alfa GT Sep-04 - Feb-05 All Models
Alfa GTV Aug-03 - > All Models
Alfa GTV Apr-96 - Aug-03 All Models
Alfa MITO Mar-08 - > Non Bose
Alfa Spider Mar-06 - > Non Bose
Alfa Spider Aug-90 - Sep-04 All Models
Audi A2 Oct-00 - Aug-05 Concert Radio
Audi A3 e) Sep-04 - Sep-05 Symphony - Half Amplified ISO
Audi A3 d) Jun-03 - Aug-04 Rear Amplified
Audi A3 c) Dec-00 - Jun-03 Rear Amplified
Audi A3 a) Nov-94 - Feb-00 Rear Amplified
Audi A4 f) Aug-04 - Sep-05 Symphony - Half Amplified ISO
Audi A4 e) Apr-02 - Aug-04 Rear Amplified
Audi A4 d) Apr-02 - > CHORUS or CONCERT UNIT ONLY
Audi A4 c) Mar-00 - Apr-02 Rear Amplified
Audi A4 b) Nov-99 - Mar-00 Rear Amplified
Audi A4 a) Feb-95 - Nov-99 Rear Amplified
Audi Cabriolet Jun-92 - Oct-94 All
Audi Coupe Aug-82 - Dec-96 All
Audi V8 Jun-90 - Aug-93 All
Audi TT Apr-99 - Sep-06 Rear Amplified
Chevrolet Aveo Mar-02 - Mar-07 ISO ISO
Chevrolet Captiva Mar-07 - > ISO
Chevrolet Epica Mar-05 - > ISO
Chevrolet Kalos Mar-05 - > ISO
Chevrolet Lacetti Mar-08 - > ISO
Chevrolet Matiz Mar-05 - > ISO
Chevrolet Nubira Mar-03 - > ISO
Chrysler Crossfire Sep-03 - > Becker Stereo
Daewoo Nubira Jun-02 - Aug-05 All Models
Daewoo Nubira Aug-99 - Jun-02 All Models
Daewoo Tacuma Sep-02 - Aug-05 All Models
Diahatsu Charade Sep-05 - > All Models
Diahatsu Charade Aug-03 - Sep-05 All Models
Diahatsu Copen Mar-07 - > All Models
Diahatsu Copen Jun-04 - Aug-05 All Models
Diahatsu Sirion Mar-05 - > All Models
Diahatsu Terios Aug-05 - > All Models
Fiat Barchetta Sep-95 - Sep-05 All Models
Fiat Brava Dec-95 - Aug-02 All Models
Fiat Bravo Dec-95 - Aug-02 All Models
Fiat Coupe Jun-95 - Aug-00 All Models
Fiat Croma Aug-05 - Aug-07 All Models
Fiat Ducato Mar-05 - Mar-08 Ducato
Fiat Ducato Jan-92 - Mar-05 Ducato II
Fiat Ducato Jan-80 - Jan-92 Ducato I
Fiat Idea Jun-04 - > Double din Blaupunkt units
Fiat Idea Jun-04 - > Single din units
Fiat Marea / Weekend Mar-97 - Aug-02 BIEGE
Fiat Panda Jan-04 - > All Models
Fiat Panda Aug-83 - Jan-92 All Models
Fiat Punto Mar-94 - Aug-99 MK 1
Fiat Scudo > - Mar-07 All Models
Fiat Stilo Mar-02 - > All Models
Fiat Ulysee Aug-00 - Mar-05 All Models
Fiat Ulysee Oct-96 - Aug-00 All Models
Fiat Ulysee Oct-95 - Oct-96 All Models
Ford KA c) Jan-09 - > Newer dash shape
Ford Ranger b) Mar-04 - Mar-06 All Models
Hyundai Coupe Mar-07 - > JVC or Sony OEM
Hyundai Grandeur Sep-06 - > JVC or Sony OEM
Hyundai Santa Fe Sep-02 - > JVC or Sony OEM
Hyundai Sonata Sep-02 - Mar-05 JVC OR Sony OEM
Hyundai Terracan Mar-03 - > JVC or Sony OEM
Isuzu Rodeo Mar-03 - > With VDO
Kia Carens Mar-05 - > JVC or Sony OEM
Kia Carnival Mar-06 - > JVC or Sony OEM
Kia Cerato Sep-04 - > JVC or Sony OEM
Kia Magentis Sep-06 - > JVC or Sony OEM
Kia Rio Sep-06 - Dec-11 JVC or Sony OEM
Kia Sedona Sep-06 - > JVC or Sony OEM
Kia Sportage Sep-05 - Dec-10 JVC or Sony OEM
Kia Sorento a) Jul-00 - Feb-06 JVC or Sony OEM
Land Rover Discovery Oct-95 - Jan-99 OEM PHILIPS (NOT PU Clarion Model)
Land Rover Discovery Nov-89 - Oct-95 OEM CLARION
Land Rover Freelander Mar-06 - > Becker Navigation system
Land Rover Freelander Nov-97 - Apr-01 All Models
MG Rover ZR Sep-01 - > ISO
MG Rover ZS Sep-01 - > ISO
MG Rover ZT Sep-01 - > ISO
Nissan Micra Jul-03 - > single slot CD with white buttons
Nissan Primastar Jan-02 - Jan-06 All Models
Peugeot 106 Jul-94 - Aug-04 All Models
Peugeot 107 Aug-05 - > All Models
Peugeot 206 Sep-00 - May-01 All Models
Peugeot 206 Sep-99 - Sep-00 All Models
Peugeot 206 Oct-98 - Sep-99 All Models
Peugeot 306 Apr-93 - Sep-99 All Models
Peugeot 307 Jun-01 - Mar-05 Double Height OEM
Peugeot 406 Sep-01 - Sep-06 All Except 3.0V6 SE
Peugeot 406 Sep-99 - Sep-01 Saloon/Estate
Peugeot 406 Feb-96 - Sep-99 Coupe all except 3.0V6 SE
Peugeot 406 Feb-96 - Sep-99 Saloon/Estate
Peugeot 607 Jun-01 - Jan-05 All Models
Peugeot 806 Aug-00 - > All Models
Peugeot 806 Oct-96 - Aug-00 All Models
Peugeot 806 Oct-95 - Oct-96 All Models
Peugeot Boxer Mar-05 - Mar-07 Multiplex
Peugeot Boxer Mar-97 - Mar-05 ISO + Mini ISO
Peugeot Expert - Multiplex
Peugeot Expert - ISO + Mini ISO
Peugeot Partner Van Jan-08 - > Multiplex
Peugeot Partner Van Jan-97 - Jan-08 ISO + Mini ISO
Porsche Cayenne Jun-03 - Feb-09 ALL NON-AMPLIFIED
Porsche 911 Jan-78 - Oct-97 ALL NON-AMPLIFIED
Porsche 924 Jan-77 - Aug-88 All Models
Porsche 928 Jan-80 - Aug-95 All Models
Porsche 944 Apr-82 - Aug-92 All Models
Porsche 968 Jun-92 - Aug-95 All Models
Range Rover All Models Sep-94 - Oct-97 Philips OEM Radio Steering Controls
Renault Avantime Sep-02 - Mar-04 With Display
Renault Clio f) Jan-07 - > Update list OEM Radio
Renault Clio f) Jan-07 - > Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Clio e) Jan-05 - > Update list OEM Radio
Renault Clio e) Jan-05 - > Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Clio d) Jan-02 - Jan-05 With Display
Renault Clio d) Jan-02 - Jan-05 Without Display
Renault Clio c) Jun-98 - Jan-02 Display With Display
Renault Clio b) Dec-92 - Jan-02 No Display Without Display
Renault Clio a) Mar-91 - Dec-92 All Models
Renault Espace Jan-05 - > Update list OEM Radio
Renault Espace Jan-05 - > Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Espace Apr-01 - Jan-05 Authentique Authentique
Renault Espace Apr-97 - Jan-05 Not Authentique All except Authentique
Renault Espace Jun-91 - Apr-97 Without Display
Renault Espace Aug-85 - Jun-91 All Models
Renault Kangoo Jan-05 - > Update list OEM Radio
Renault Kangoo Jan-05 - > Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Kangoo Aug-98 - Jan-05 Without Display
Renault Kangoo Aug-98 - Jan-05 With Display
Renault Laguna Jan-05 - July-07 Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Laguna Jan-05 - July-07 Update list OEM Radio
Renault Laguna Mar-03 - > Single Height OEM
Renault Laguna - Double Height OEM
Renault Laguna Mar-01 - Jan-05 Tuner List Radio
Renault Laguna Apr-97 - Mar-01 With Display
Renault Laguna Apr-94 - Apr-97 Without Display
Renault Master Van Sep-04 - > With Display
Renault Megane/Scenic Apr-96 - Jan-02 Without Display
Renault Megane/Scenic Apr-96 - Jan-02 With Display
Renault Megane Jan-07 - Mar-09 Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Megane Jan-07 - Mar-09 Update list OEM Radio
Renault Megane Jan-05 - Jan-07 Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Megane Jan-05 - Jan-07 Update list OEM Radio
Renault Megane Nov-02 - Jan-05 Tuner List Radio
Renault Megane Apr-96 - Nov-02 With Display
Renault Modus Mar-05 - > All Models
Renault Scenic Jan-05 - July-09 Update list OEM Radio
Renault Scenic Jan-05 - July-09 Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Scenic Jan-02 - Jan-05 With Display
Renault Safrane Apr-97 - > With Display
Renault Safrane Feb-93 - Apr-97 Without Display
Renault Sport Spider Jan-97 - > All Models
Renault Traffic Jan-05 - > Update list OEM Radio
Renault Traffic Jan-05 - > Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Traffic > - Jan-05 With Display
Renault Twingo Apr-07 - July-09 Update list OEM Radio
Renault Twingo Apr-07 - July-09 Cabasse & Carmanat
Renault Twingo Jan-01 - Mar-07 Without Display
Renault Twingo Jan-01 - Mar-07 With Display
Renault Twingo Apr-98 - Jan-01 Without Display
Rover 200 Dec-95 - Dec-99 All Models
Rover 200 Oct-92 - Dec-95 All Models
Rover 200 Jun-84 - Oct-92 All Models
Rover 400 Jun-97 - Feb-00 All Models
Rover 400 Nov-91 - Jun-97 All Models
Rover 600 Apr-93 - > All Models
Rover 800 Mar-96 - > NOT Kenwood to steering
Rover 800 Nov-91 - Mar-96 All Models
Rover 800 Jul-86 - Nov-91 All Models
Rover 25 Mar-02 - > ISO Loom or Kenwood OEM
Rover 25 Dec-99 - Mar-02 BMW Loom
Rover 25 Dec-99 - Mar-02 ISO Loom
Rover 45 Mar-02 - > ISO Loom or Kenwood OEM
Rover 45 Feb-00 - Mar-02 BMW Loom
Rover 45 Feb-00 - Mar-02 ISO Loom
Rover 75 Mar-02 - > ISO Loom or Kenwood OEM
Rover 75 Jun-99 - Mar-02 BMW Loom
Rover 75 Jun-99 - Mar-02 ISO Loom
Rover Metro Apr-90 - Dec-94 All Models
Rover Mini Aug-92 - Nov-00 All Models
Rover MGF Sep-98 - > All Models
Rover MGZT May-01 - > Alpine ALPINE OEM
Rover MGZT May-02 - > ISO/Kenwood ISO Loom or Kenwood OEM
Saab 9-3 Apr-00 - Mar-04 With VDA Phone Wiring
Saab 9-3 Mar-98 - Mar-04 NON Amplified ISO
Saab 9-5 Aug-00 - Mar-07 With VDA Phone Wiring
Saab 9-5 Oct-97 - Mar-05 All Models
Saab 9-5 Estate Oct-97 - Sep-05 All Models
Saab 900 Oct-93 - Dec-98 All Models
Saab 9000 Sep-93 - Dec-98 All Models
Seat Alhambra b) Oct-97 - Mar-05 ISO Wiring
Seat Arosa Sep-97 - > All Models
Seat Cordoba May-94 - Mar-06 All Models
Seat Ibiza c) Jul-99 - Mar-06 Single Height OEM
Seat Ibiza b) Oct-93 - Jul-99 All Models
Seat Leon Feb-00 - Sep-05 Single Height OEM
Seat Leon Feb-00 - Sep-05 Double Height OEM
Seat Marbella May-88 - Aug-93 All Models
Seat Toledo Jan-99 - Jan-04 Single Height OEM
Seat Toledo Jan-99 - Jan-04 Double Height OEM
Seat Toledo Oct-91 - Jan-99 All Models
Skoda Fabia Mar-03 - Mar-05 All Models
Skoda Fabia Jun-99 - Mar-03 All Models
Skoda Favorit Aug-89 - Aug-95 All Models
Skoda Felicia Oct-95 - > All Models
Skoda Octavia May-98 - Oct-06 All Models
Skoda Superb Sep-02 - Sep-06 All Models
Smart Car Roadster Mar-02 - > All Models
Smart Car For Two Aug-07 - > All Models
Smart Car For Two Aug-04 - Apr-07 All Models
Smart Car Smart Jan-99 - Aug-04 All Models
Ssangyong Musso May-95 - Apr-99 All Models
Suzuki Grand Vitara Sep-98 - Jan-01 Sony OEM
Audi A6 c) Apr-02 - Jun-04 Rear Amplified
Audi A6 b) Mar-97 - Mar-02 Rear Amplified
Audi A6 a) Jun-94 - Mar-97 Rear Amplified
Audi Cabriolet Apr-03 - > Rear Amplified
Citroen AX May-87 - Aug-97 All Models
Citroen Berlingo Jul-98 - Apr-01 All Models
Citroen C1 Sep-06 - > All Models
Citroen C1 Sep-05 - Sep-06 All Models
Citroen Picasso May-00 - Sep-02 FOUR FUNCTION ONLY
Citroen Saxo May-96 - Feb-00 All Models
Citroen Saxo 2 Feb-00 - Sep-03 All Models
Citroen Synergie May-00 - Sep-02 All Models
Citroen Synergie Oct-96 - May-00 All Models
Citroen Synergie Oct-95 - Oct-96 All Models
Citroen Xantia Jun-00 - Sep-02 All Models
Citroen Xantia Jun-98 - Jun-00 All Models
Citroen Xantia May-93 - Jun-98 All Models
Citroen XM Jun-94 - Aug-00 All Models
Citroen Xsara Mar-01 - > All Models
Citroen Xsara Nov-99 - Mar-01 All Models
Citroen Xsara Nov-97 - Nov-99 All Models
Citroen ZX Jun-91 - Nov-98 All Models
Land Rover Freelander Oct-03 - Mar-06 (TD4) Becker Navigation system
Land Rover Discovery Apr-01 - Sep-04 Becker Navigation (Single Din)
Renault Traffic Jan-09 > Radio Sat Classic
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