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Vision Wall Plate Amplfiier and Speakers Bundle
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Vision Wall Plate Amplfiier and Speakers Bundle
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Short Description Vision Wall Plate Amplfiier and Speakers Bundle

This kit includes the Vision wall plate Amplifier and SP1700 Speakers complete with mouting brackets, Speakers cables and everything needed for a complete install.

Quick-Access Input
Two Inputs are wired into the rear with removable phoenix connectors, however a new feature of this amplifier is that Input 1 is duplicated on the front panel with a minijack socket for convenience. This half-normalled input disconnects the rear terminal while in use.

Green D-Class Amplifier
Digital amplifiers use no power unless they are amplifying program, so even on at full volume; unless it is receiving input it is effectively off. Digital amplifiers also have the advantage of running cold so a bulky heatsink is not necessary… but don’t let size deceive you: the Techconnect  Amp4 can drive into a 4 ohm load allowing you to power up to four 8 ohm speakers (or two 4 ohm speakers).

Preset Memory
By default when power is activated the Techconnect Amp turns on and resumes the most recent settings. For hospitality applications it can be set to return to a preset input and level whenever it is powered on – for example in hotel guest rooms.TC2-AMP3 module front angle

LED Display
A clear display makes the product easy to use and a simple soft-control interface gives instant access to controls. Because the control panel can be installed anywhere in the room it is more convenient than traditional powered speakers where access to the controls can be awkward.

Remote Control Included
IR receivers are positioned on the front for normal use and on the rear for integration with a control system such as the Techconnect Control. Note there is no tone control with this amplifier.

Easy to Install and Uninstall
A robust product that is simple and easy to install; the inputs and outputs are all via removable phoenix connectors which allow non-technical end users to uninstall it very easily if required. Short input cables are included for connection to the rear of adjacent input modules on the Techconnect.

TC2-AMP4Wall Mounted and Secure
Ideal when you don’t have furniture to sit an amplifier on, and because it is mounted to the wall it is much less obvious as a target for theft. It is close at hand if volume adjustments need to be made, making it perfect for training rooms, boardrooms, and classrooms.

Integrated Techconnect Family
Included is a single-gang backbox and surround, or alternatively you can mount the amplifier module in a double-gang surround with other Techconnect modules.

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