NEW - Iphone 4 Wall Plate now in stock

NEW - Wall plate for Iphone 4. Great Black Wall plate to mount and charge your iphone, ipod or Nano. Wire into your audio system fort excellent play back.

A quality Gloss Black Wall plate with ipod or iphone docking cradle. This ipod iphone wall plate features a high quality ALPS volume control and can be wired into USB power, and audio input into an amplifier. With a combination of a good amplifier and some nice Ceiling speakers, it makes an ideal instant hi-fi. It will also mute the iphone so there is no noise from mobile phone networks, and it allows full control of the ipod or iphone whilst docked. It does lock the volume of the iphone so recommend turning this to full volume before docking, then use the wall plate volume. Also suitable for iphone3, or Nano. Charges all devices once connected to a suitable mains plugs adaptor.


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